Sunday , November 17 2019

Motivagers Club celebrate ‘jashn-e-azadi’ with senior citizens

Motivagers Club celebrated their special event on theme ‘jashn-e-azadi’ Independence day celebrations at the City mall in Lucknow along with the seniors citizens of the club and the youth of the society.

Chief guest of the event was Director of the Medhaj Group, Rekha Tripatri while senior journalist Atma Prakash Tripathi was the guest if honour. Special guests on the occasion were the parents of Kargil martyr Sunil Jung.

Chief guest Rekha Tripathi talking on the occasion said “I am really touched by the initiative taken by the Motivagers Club for the senior citizens and such efforts in today busy schedule also inspire other youngsters to come forward and assist the elderly people of the society”.

Senior journalist Atma Prakash Mishra said that everyone is busy in their life now a days and such events are the source of motivation for everyone who is willing to serve the society by giving their pre cious time and the Motivagers Club is setting a great example for the coming generations as well and is also bridging the gap between the two generations.

Parents of martyr Sunil Jung were presented momento by the Chief guest and the guest of honour. Performances related to the patriotic theme made everyone turn emotional and remember the sacrifice made by our soldiers for the nation.

Chairman of the Medhaj group, dr Sameer Tripathi gave several examples from the Bhagwat Gita and motivated the members of the club and also emphasized on the importance of serving our elders and the senior citzens around us. He said small efforts can make big difference and he feels elated to be a part of such programmes.

Ot was now time for the mesmerising music to get the audience going and Solo song performance by Deepika Srivastav turned the atmosphere beautiful with her amazing voice.

Students of the ‘Breathe and body dance academy’ including Shivam, Abhishek and Manish, performed on theme based songs and took everyone down to the memory lane and recall the efforts made by our soldiers for the country.

Now it was time for the performance by The Acoustican Guitar Classes in which Gourav Singh along with Honey, Nouman, Mehtani,Mudita and Swastik performed on several patriotic songs and made everyone engulf in the patriotic feel and cherish the Independence celebrations.

Founder of the club,Gaurav Chhabra thanked everyone for their involvement in the Independence day celebrations and said that such programmes can boost thoughts of the youngsters and can be a good source for communicating message to the larger audience and bring two generations together under one roof.